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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Bush trash-writer Kitty Kelley asked real questions during interview

According to the New York Daily News, Kitty Kelley was very unhappy at being asked real questions by Matt Lauer during an inteview on the Today show to promote here Bush-bashing attack book.

"Literary scandalmonger Kitty Kelley - whose George W. Bush expos, 'The Family,' has dropped off the best-seller lists - is still smarting from the tough grilling she received in September from the 'Today' show's Matt Lauer."

Lauer asked her how it was that in the four years Kelley claims to have spent "researching" her book, she never found anything positive to say about the president (or any of his family). Actually, that is a good question that could be asked of Michael Moore as well although we don't know if he has had his anti-Bush obsession as long as Kelley.


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