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Thursday, February 16, 2006

media blowout

The overreaction of the mainstream media to the Cheney hunting accident is truely astounding. After all, this incident had nothing to do with any official duties of Cheney or anyone else and the other individual affected is a private citizen.

Perhaps the very concept of hunting is so foreign to typical members of the dominant liberal media that they simply cannot fathom the idea of a hunting accident. Of course, the very concept of gun ownership is something that many liberals are uncomfortable with. To them, this incident is simply another reason to fear firearms. Of course, the reality is that hunting accidents, while rare, do occur and individuals who hunt have to accept that possibility in much the same way that anyone who partakes in any activity with any risk must accept that risk.

I don't think that anything Cheney did or did not do would have made any material effect on the media overreaction to this minor incident. If he had called an immediate news conference as the media suggest he should done, they would have accused him of ignoring the condition of the man who was injured. When Cheney did speak out, the liberals jumped on him for choosing for choosing Fox News.

Even today, five days after this minor incident, the media are still abuzz with it; NBC claiming that this incident will weaken Cheney's influence in the administration. The moonbat blogs are, of course, filled with various conspiracy theories.

The liberals media are like a pack of wolves just waiting to find anything to pounce on; anything that makes the President or members of his administration look bad. What a disgrace.


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