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Monday, November 08, 2004

60 Minutes II, double bias

"Players involved in the notorious 60 Minutes II story, reported by Dan Rather, which employed dubious documents regarding President Bush's National Guard service, may have been rooting for a John Kerry victory. No, it wasn't that old bugaboo liberal media bias as much as it was a bias toward saving their own skins. The report from an internal investigation into the documents mess was purposely being held until after the election."

The story goes on to say that the guilty parties in the forged documents case expected a kinder fate if Kerry had won.

Of course, the folks all have the traditional liberal bias as well as this new bias. In any event, delaying the investigative report until after the election could only have been intended to help Kerry as well. The fact that the "independent" panel was apparently willing to agree with that timetable suggests their "independence" should be questioned.

In fact, the Republican triumphs in the election might make it less likely that there will be any consequences for the anti-Bush forgery story since CBS senior management may be inclined to double the efforts to damage Bush in his second term.


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