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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Still not getting it

"They ran a Vietnam war hero on a moderate platform of deficit reduction and reuniting a divided America, against a president facing middling approval ratings, the most job losses in 70 years and a bloody, uncertain war in Iraq. Yet the Democrats narrowly lost another bid for the presidency and relinquished four seats in the U.S. Senate, a buffeting that has rendered them virtually powerless in national affairs and brings into question, at least for the time being, the fitness of the two-party system."

And here lies the problem. Only in the minds of the liberal media establishment (including the St. Petersburg Times from which this was extracted) can John Kerry be characterized as above with a straight face. The credibility of the war hero claim has been very successfully challenged by the Swift Boat Veterans; Kerry and his media supports never credibly addressed the issues raised by the Swift Boat Vets.

Also, while Kerry may have claimed to be supporting a "moderate" platform, his rating as the #1 liberal in the Senate, even to the left of Ted Kennedy stuck with him and could not just be imagined away.

Kerry's entire approach was to divide America; his crude attacks on the President were so broad that they spilled over into attacks on American soldiers involved in fighting a war. Although a member of the super, super rich upper crust, Kerry couldn't help himself from the class warfare approach that typifies the democratic party.


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