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Thursday, November 11, 2004

election fraud claims

There are a lot of theories going around that have no merit at all. Folks pretending to be Dan Rather are out there picking up some numbers and making something up to go along with their preconceived conclusions but even Rather himself seems to have stayed away from this one.

My favorite is the one that says that the election is invalid because the results did not agree with the exit polls. That one turns logic on its head. Even the folks doing the exit polling are a bit embarassed by the inaccuracy of their work.

The folks looking at voter registrations and expecting them to closely match the election results don't seem to even understand that registering with one party is not a committment to vote the party line in every election. In fact, in Florida, there is no way to vote for all candidates of a particular party as one selection.

This has gone almost as far as it can. I guess the next step will be someone producing a picture of some aliens altering voting results. Maybe that will be enough to end it.

As far as reality, one can only assume than if John Kerry's army of 10,000 lawyers had found anything worth complaining or litigating about they would certainly have done so.


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