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Thursday, December 30, 2004

the blame Bush game

Given the historic magnigude of the Asian earthquake and resulting tsunami, it was inevitable that the liberal media would find some way to blame Geoge Bush for it. The only question was which media outlet would be the first and what would be the nature of their claim.

Well, the first major liberal media outlet to attempt to blame Bush for the trusnami is The Washington Post. They are essentially blaming Bush for being slow to pledge relief efforts and not making some sort of big public show like Bill Clinton would. The Bush administration has pointed out that U.S. contibutions to international relief efforts have increased since the Clinton era but that has not addressed the criticism.

I guess the only surprise is that the liberals have yet to find a way to blame Bush directly for the event itself. While some would consider it an act of God, it seems like something that algore could blame on Bush environmental policies, perhaps failure to support the anti-American Kyoto treaty. But it may be just vacations schedules at the liberal media that have spared Bush from a claim of direct responsibility. Also, Michael Moore, hero to anti-Bush liberals and anti-American terrorists has yet to be heard from.


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