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Monday, December 20, 2004

Katie Couric to replace Dan Rather?

Technically, NBC's Today show is considered part of the network's news operation, as are each of the other major network morning shows (not just the short "news" portion of the show but the whole thing!) I guess Katie Couric is therefore considered a news broadcaster and presumably eligible for a network news anchor position.

But why not add a 5 minute news segment to the Letterman show (similar to that done on their morning show) and then move David Letterman to the CBS news anchor position? They might have to add a short weather segment as well but there is no shortage of balding men willing to read the weather for big money.

In fact, the host of the CBS Big Brother show is Julie Chen who, believe it or not, is considered a news reporter. Does that make the Big Brother show a news show? If you look at the extent of its coverage on CBS shows that are labeled as "news", you would have to conclude that it is a news show.


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