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Monday, December 06, 2004

blacks reaching out to Bush, never!

According to a story by Armstrong Williams in Human Events Online, NAACP head Kweisi Mfume did not resign as was reported by was booted out by Chairman Julian Bond.

"Bond and Mfume essentially partnered with the Democratic Party to revitalize the organization. Not surprisingly, the rhetoric coming out of the NAACP became increasingly partisan. During a speech before 2,000 attendees at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond proclaimed that President George W. Bush has "selected [political] nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing and chosen cabinet officials whose devotion to confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection." During a 2003 appearance at the National Press Club, Bond referred to the Republican Party as “a crazed swarm of right wing locusts” that have sought to “subvert, ignore, defy and destroy the laws that require an America which is bias-free,” Later that night Bond dubbed the Republicans, "the white people's party."

Following the event, Mfume confronted Bond with his fear that the organization had become too outwardly political. Soon thereafter, the IRS launched investigation into whether Bond’s remarks violated the organization’s tax exempt status.

The final tear came after the election. Mfume suggested sending a letter to President Bush, mapping out ways that they could work together to help the community. Bond rejected the idea. Mfume sent the letter anyway. To Bond, this was an unforgivable. A few weeks later, Bond had Mfume voted out. The message was clear: There is no room within the NAACP for intellectual diversity. Just loyal servitude to the Democratic Party. "

At the time Mufume was selected to head the organization, his total loyalty to the Democratic party was not in question so it is not clear why or when he would have decided to be more accomodating to Republicans.

Any responsible observer would conclude that the alliance between blacks in Amercia and the Democrat party has ceased to benefit the former group. Perhaps the best example of this fact is in education where the teacher's unions, perhaps the most solid backers of the Democrats, want nothing to do with any type of educational reforms that might require accountability for their members (and could lead for better futures for black students in schools). Surely the Julian Bonds and Jessie Jacksons of the world are as aware of this as anyone else but it is unimaginable that these folks would give up their high status and rank in the Democratic hierachy if the only benefits would accure to poor members of their own race.


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