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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Congress with nothing useful to do??

"US Senator John McCain warned that Congress may consider imposing drug tests on major league baseball players, as Washington tries to stem the damage from a raging doping scandal that has discredited professional sport.

'I will introduce legislation in January that requires some kind of regimen for testing of Major League baseball players. And I believe that we can pass it through the Congress of the United States,' Senator John McCain told the 'Fox News Sunday' television program."

What possible Federal interest is there in whether or not baseball players are drugged up or not. I can understand why the government is concerned about drugged up airplane pilots, bus driver, or truck drivers but baseball players? What possible harm can it do anyone if all of the ball players are drugged up and what possible benefit exists if they are not?

The fact is that the baseball players have been using drugs for some time now and it seems to have been fine since attendence (and salaries) have increased as well.


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