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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Congress with nothing userful to do

"Major League Baseball should enforce stronger rules against steroid abuse by players on its own, but Congress will require changes by law if necessary, leading lawmakers said Sunday.
Sen. John McCain, the driving force behind changing how baseball polices performance-enhancing drug use, said Sunday he believes President Bush would sign a bill into law."

One has to wonder what possible Federal interest there is in whether or not highly paid baseball players choose to take drugs. I can see where there is some legitimate governmental interest in making sure airline pilots and bus and truck drivers are drug free, but baseball players?

Is there perhaps a thought that drugged up players will be smashing more balls into the stands, injuring fans and therby endangering public health? Maybe so but the marketplace would would quickly correct that problem as fewer people would attend the games in person. In that event, baseball might well decide to replace live attendees with Disney-style animated characters. As long as TV ratings for games featuring drugged-up players are high, everyone would actually be better off. In fact, the economics of the baseball industry have improved quite a bit since drug use has become more widespread. If they started mixing up some "speed" with the steriods these players seem to favor, maybe the game itself would move at something faster than a glacial pace, allowing normal human beings to watch a full game without falling asleep from boredom and permitting even more ads to be shown during televised games.


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