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Monday, January 17, 2005

having a good publicist

Having a good publicist makes all of the difference between maning and complaining to your friends and neighbors and doing the same thing on national television.

"The adoptive parents who were forced to surrender a 3-year-old boy they raised to his biological mother on Monday compared the weekend handover to a death in the family and said they would continue their legal battle to regain legal custody."

What is missing here is the fact that this couple never had legal custody in the first place so saying they are trying to "regain" it makes no sense. It is this kind of day-to-day carelessness and bias that the public has come to expect from the mainstream media. In this case, the bias is in favor of the folks who got the media attention in the first place. The child's actual parents seem to be comparatively disinterested in publicity.


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