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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

no grace at all

I have seen the Nancy Grace show a couple of times on CNN and was always taken aback by what a strongly opinionated yet ignorant person she is. I've never stayed tuned in for long because the show is simply too offensive to take in more than small does.

Ms. Grace does not come across as anyone likely to have any kind of substantive background so it was a bit of a surprise to see that she had previously held a position as a prosecutor. What was perhaps less surprising was to see here where she has been cited numerous times for ethical violations.

Television is a wonderful thing for some people. Dr. Phil, for example, gets to practice pychology (and get paid a huge amount of money) without having to bother with the indignities of a license and being responsible for what he says (thanks to the show's disclaimers). It looks like Nancy Grace is similar; she gets to act like a lawyer and not to worry about any ethics. I'm not sure if Grace gets the same kind of big bucks that Dr. Phil gets; she seems to be too offensive to be able to get a good audience but then there is Michael Savage...


At 9:26 AM, Blogger MP said...

Do they elect judges in Georgia? This is one reason why that is such an offensive proposition to me. I hate that judges are elected here in Florida and I've yet to vote for any of them (even though I do go vote!). I just can't stand the idea of voting for a judge when I am so in the dark about that person. I don't know why some states have elected and not appointed judges but I think it leads directly to outrageous behavior on the bench.


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