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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

grifters and petty criminals invading Florida

One of the problems with the Schindlers and the publicist-driven efforts to deny their daughter her wishes is that it has attracted a throng of grifters and criminals to Pinnelas Park. Looking at the statistics as reported below, only about 10% of the criminal arrests have been of Florida residents.

"Forty-six demonstrators have been arrested since Schiavo's feeding tube was removed, Forseth said. In all but one case they were charged with misdemeanor trespass outside the hospice, he said. Of those, five were from Florida, with the remainder from states such as California, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota and Pennsylvania. "

And at least one of the individuals who allowed their child to be arrested turns out to be a registered sex offender -- was the DCF on the case here or does being a supporter of Jeb Bush's position get one a DCF-Gestapo waiver card?


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