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Thursday, March 24, 2005

recall Jeb Bush

"Bob and Mary Schindler held onto the slim hope that Gov. Jeb Bush would somehow find a way to intervene or a federal judge who had turned them down before would see things their way. But Bush warned that he was running out of options."

To watch the way Jeb Bush has behaved over the past 18 months, you would think he had been bought and paid for by the Schindlerr family and was dedicated only to serving them instead of the millions of other Floridians. He has shown a total disregard for separation of powers. He has attempted to insert himself and the jack-booted thugs at the Department against Children and Families who serve him into personal matters that have been finally adjudicated by the courts and all possible appeals exhausted. He deserves to be recalled and thrown out of office before he does even more damage to the rights of state residents.

I hope that Floridians remember the lack of respect that Jeb Bush has shown for the law and, at a minimum, make sure he is never again provided with an elective office from which to practice his mischief. If he wishes to solely represent narrow special interests and not the broader public good, he should become a lobbyist and not pretend to be serving the public.


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