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Thursday, March 17, 2005

running for higher office?

We seem to be seeing a lot of Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsy on the Tampa television stations, conducting various press conferences on the Jessica Lunsford case. Since the case has dragged on for three weeks, it hardly seems like something that Dawsy would be particularly proud of. In addition, the press conferences don't seem to be particularly enlightening, essentially revealing only information that was already available.

Jeff Dawsy was recently re-elected Sheriff with a quite impressive vote total running against two opponents.

Is Jeff Dawsy using the tragedy of the Jessica Lunsford disappearance to garner some major media market publicity in preparation for a later launch for higher office? Dawsy seems to like to spend taxpayer money on expensive high-tech equipment and it not clear whether the taxpayers of semi-rural Citrus County are going to want to buy all of the "toys for boys" that Dawsy seems to crave. As far as Dawsy's plans for higher office, we will find out for sure later but remember that you saw it here first!


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