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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Can Howard Dean hide his records?

While most everyone has forgotten Howard Dean's refusal to release records from the period he served as Vermont governor, the wheels of justice have been slowly turning and, so far, not to Dr. Dean's benefit.

A recent court ruling suggests that Dean cannot arbitrarily seal 86 boxes of documents for 10 years but must instead identify each document for which he is requesting privilege and why. Ouch!

Remember the media stampede over George W. Bush's military records, a stampede even after he had authorized the military to release all of them. How different things were for the democrats opposing Bush. Howard Dean would not release his records as governor nor would John Kerry release his military records. In fact, the demand for Bush military records was so great that it led to the production of the forgeries that led to Dan Rather's downfall.


At 9:42 AM, Blogger MP said...

What is in those boxes I wonder? Was Dean just being lazy and saying he wanted all of it sealed or is there something incrimating in there? Maybe we will know shortly.


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