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Friday, February 25, 2005

Another embarrassment to Florida

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the family of Terry Schiavo (the Schindlers) are a bunch of certifiable nut cases.

One has to wonder how long it will take before the body of Terry Schiavo is finally liberated from the controlling interests of her parents and other members of her family. How happy she must have been when she married Michael Schiavo to finally get a measure of freedom she must have longed for from her overcontrolling parents.

While the Schindlers are trying to blame Michael Schiavo for the incident that turned her into a living vegetable 15 years ago, the facts are pretty clear that this resulted from an eating disorder that predated her marriage. It is most likely that Terri didn't have enough time and/or distance away from her parents to recover from the neuroses they left her with.

Terri told her husband and others that she did not wish to be kept alive artificially and the courts have again and again determined that this was truly HER wish. But it is not the Schindler's wish and so they fight on.

Could Michael Schiavo have imagined the kind of family he was marrying into? Nevertheless, he has soldiered on to honor his wife's last request. Her parents are willing to raise any allegation no matter how outrageous and are willing to resort to any tactic to include using images of Terri to manipulate the public. Would she have wanted to be manipulated like this? The media have been easily duped -- I guess this stuff sells papers and turns on television sets.

Terri is in a persistent vegetative state and will never be aware of the improper use of her body by her nutty controlling parents. It is Michael Schiavo and the rest of the community who are aware of the ongoing insult to our intelligence by the manipulative Schindlers. Will Terri ever get justice? Not if her family and Jeb Bush can prevent it.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger MP said...

Well this whole case is so sad really. The thing that bothers me about Michael Shiavo's behavior is that he apparently left her on the life support for something like five years before saying that she would never want to live that way. And I think that may have coincided with his getting this new girlfriend who he now has some kids with I think. So it's not exactly like his behavior has been the best.... And now with this other woman waking up after a coma after 20 years.... But I'm sure that Teri Schiavo would never have wanted to be part of this media circus and have all these people who claim to love her behave like this. It's really shameful.


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