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Sunday, January 23, 2005

locked up and loving it!

"French journalist George Malbrunot recounts his horrific days in captivity and how he is now convinced of one thing: America's Iraq policy is doomed"

Writing in the German Publication "Der Spiegel", French journalists Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot describe their capture by Iraqi bin Laden supporters, being held prisoner and their subsequent release.

Without knowing much, one might think that these journalists would have gained a real appreciation of freedom after being held captive and threatened with death. But remember, these were French journalists. Also, since the story was published by left-wing Salon, it would be a real surprise if there was any message there in favor of freedom and liberty; words and concepts even more offensive than usual to leftists in light of George Bush's use of them in his Inauguration speech.

So, the bottom line is that the French were true to form; they were bullied and pushed around by a bunch of terrorists and they are convinced that surrender to these terrorists is the only answer.

The first part of the story is how the men explained to their captors that they were French and that since the French had opposed the American liberation of Iraq, they should be released. That didn't carry a lot of weight with this group of terrorists who were evidently enjoying the publicity they were getting in France The story makes no mention as to whether the desperate Frenchmen also claimed allegiance to John Kerry as his election was what bin Laden and the terrorists were really looking for -- getting the French to offer to surrender was nothing worthwhile.

The journalists, now safety returned home to France are apparently better off due to the publicity they obtained while in custody. One wonders if even the most liberal of American media would champion captured Americans who spent their time in captivity attempting to sell out their country's basic principles. In France, however, it appears their are no basic principles worth standing up for.


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