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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

since CBS news is a joke already

Why not make it a joke literally. Instead of having Dan Rather read stories from the teleprompter written by liberal moonbats like Mary Mapes and then have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing a whitewash when the stories turn out to be completely fraudulent, why not make the whole news broadcast a joke in the first place.

"Asked twice, [CBS chief Leslie] Moonves wouldn't rule out a role on the evening news for Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, whose 'The Daily Show' skewers politicians and the news media each night. Moonves is co-chief executive of Viacom, which owns both CBS and Comedy Central. "

And Stewart's skewering has a decided left wing flavor to it which would fit in with the liberal slant that CBS has been imposing on its news broadcasts for years.

Propaganda producer Michael Moore has shown that partly or completely made up stories can be foisted off as fact on gullible members of the public who will not only believe the garbage they are shown but will actually pay for the privilege of having their intelligence insulted.

Surely Moonves is smart enough to realize that the discredited Bush documents story is not the only one the network has aired that would quickly fall to a bit of "oversight" by pajama-clad bloggers. Using a Moore type approach that relies only on enough facts to set the context for the fiction that follows might work quite well. When caught, the network would simply note that the story is not intended to be completely factual. This would have worked wonders for the Rather case (and they actually sort of tried it with the "fake but accurate" claim).

If CBS did this alone, they might be made to look a bit stupid by the other liberal mainstream media but if they started to capture audience, the others might join in. Right now, CBS is a weak #3 in a 3 horse race with some folks saying that the CBS attempt to deny Bush re-election was so ham-handed it probably helped Bush so desperate moves are worth a try.


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