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Sunday, January 30, 2005

nothing succeeds like failure

It appears that the Democratic party has come close to linking its future to the success of the terrorists opposing democracy in Iraq. And, if one believes the mainstream media coverage coming from Iaq, this looked like close to a sure bet. So much so that the Democrats rolled out what passes for heavy artillery these days (Ted Kennedy) to lauch another attack on Bush administration policies. According to the liberals, the election should have at least been delayed in deference to the importance of the terrorists.

But, once again, George W. Bush did not budge and, guess what? Participation in the Iraqi election has made it a huge success -- in all but one part of the country, voter participation was higher than in the recent U.S. presidential election. In fact, the election process went so well that even the liberals in the media are being forced to call it a success.

So where does this leave the Democrats? "Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who lost the November presidential election against Republican President George W. Bush, described the Iraqi elections as 'significant' and 'important' but said they should not be 'overhyped.' " So to Kerry it is okay for the media to have attacked the Iraqi elections for months based on all kinds of hypothetical criticisms but it is apparenty wrong to celebrate their success.


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