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Thursday, March 10, 2005

the Terri Schiavo case

Don't count on the mainstream media in Florida to provide unbiased facts regarding the Terry Schiavo case. In most cases, they seem to be getting the material they are promoting directly from the publicists working for the Schindlers, Terris' parents.

Recently, the Schindlers have been able to get favorable media publicity regarding their claim that there exist "medical experts" who dispute the diagnosis of persistent vegetative state. Bloggers have filled in critical facts here when the Florida newspapers and television stations have failed to do so.

"These experts seem very impressed with the own CVs, but as Amp notes, none of the affidavits addresses the implications of Terri's cerebral cortex having been destroyed and replaced by fluid. (As evidenced by several previous brain scans.) Nor does anyone attempt to defuse the observation that Terri's movements can be explained by non-conscious processes but not by higher brain activity because she doesn't actually have those higher brain centers anymore. "


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