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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Privileges of the wealthy

One thing about rich people is that they can style themselves as experts on anything they want and the various minions who serve them will always be suitably impressed. For example, Barbara Streisand, a very wealthy entertainer, has styled herself as a policy expert and none of the liberal democrats who enjoy here money are inclined to criticize her. One might think that someone who inherited money (as opposed to earning any of it) would be less likely to fall into such a situation.

Teresa Heinz Kerry (called THK) below has done nothing other than marry well to entited her to a fabulous amount of money and, having that much money, she can make a complete fool of herself and no one close to her will utter a peep.

So now comes By Joel Connelly of the very liberal Seattle Post-Inteligencer to praise Teresa.

"What made Teresa Heinz Kerry so refreshing to some voters, and threatening to others on the 2004 campaign trail, is summed up when THK talks about her speech to last year's Democratic convention: 'Nobody told me what to do,' she told a Saturday fund-raiser here. The implicit afterword: Nobody better try."

And why would anyone interfere with her making a fool of herself? The folks at Newsweek wrote a rather revealing piece after the election talking about the drinking and general strange conduct. Brother Connelly characterizes the Newsweek piece as "a gossipy, superficial book"

But "THK" knows even more than we thought. She complains about Catholic prelates attempting to practice their religion. But even more interesting is the fact that she has evidently become an expert on voting machines and computers stating that

"Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the United States," Heinz Kerry said. She identified both as "hard-right" Republicans. She argued that it is "very easy to hack into the mother machines."

We can all certainly be thankful that we don't have that kind of loose cannon as First Lady.


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