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Saturday, March 19, 2005

challenger to democrats -- earn my vote!

It looks like the Republicans in Congress have gone off the deep end in their zeal to placate a vocal minority and trample Terri Schiavo's constitutional rights.

Their first effort, a bizzare misuse of the Congressional subpoena power, was promptly batted away by the courageous local judge who has endured endless litigation on this case.

But now the Congress is working on odious legislation that, depending on which version you look at, with either be a private bill to deny Terri her constitudional rights or a much larger piece of legislation that will broadly deny rights to many as well as federalize a vast array of private decisions.

But if the Republicans think that they are responding to a large grass roots effort, they are sadly mistaken. Instead, polls show that a large majority of Americans believe that Terri's own wishes not to be kept alive in a persistent vegetative state should be honored over the wishes of her parents to have her kept alive artifically to be some sort of showcase for their own needs.

Where are the Democrats? Why aren't they standing up against the outragous behavior of the Republicans? Give us a reason to support you and we might do it.


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