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Monday, June 06, 2005

first the wrist slap then the reward

Last week a Washington state court's meted out a mild slap on the wrist to two individuals who were caught voting twice in last November's election. The consequences for this rarest of prosecuted crimes was a fine of the same magnitude as a speeding ticket.

This week, another state court in Washington rewarded all of the felons, double-voters and other illegal voters in Washington state (who risked the imposition of minor fines) by confirming their selection of Christine Gregoire as governor. Since the margin of separation between the two candidates was only 1/13 of the number of illegal votes and statistical analysis showed the illegal votes were strongly for Gregoire, it is clear that the illegal voters selected the governor.

Gregorie has already abandoned a number of pre-election campaign promised but, given the type of folks who elected her, why not?


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