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Thursday, June 09, 2005

an overly-luxurious lifestyle made him do it

While we are used to hearing criminal activity blamed on such things as a poor upbringing, lack of education, or even consumption of Twinkies., Russell Crowe has blamed his assault of a New York hotel clerk on the effects of a lifestyle that was so luxuriant that Mr. Crowe was unable to control himself.

"Crowe had flown from New York to Manchester and back in less than a day to catch his friend Tszyu's world title fight. Once back in New York he went to a bar for a few drinks.
Crowe then tried to call Danielle (his wife) in Sydney just after 4am New York time but could not reach her from his $3905 a night hotel room. Frustrated, he is alleged to have gone down to the hotel lobby and, after a heated exchange, hurled the phone in the direction of Mr Estrada. "

It is unclear why Mr. Estrada was the target of the attack; the story doesn't suggest that Mr. Estrada had anything to do with Crowe's inability to make his phone call.

Should one expect to be able to immediately and successfully plane a phone call from a $3,905 hotel room and, if not, is a physical attack on a random employee of the establishment in order? That is a question most of us will never be in a position to answer. Perhaps a jury of "his peers" will have to answer it for Mr. Crowe although it is likely that some sort of deal with be struck. In that regard, it would probably be better for Mr. Crowe if he had less or nothing to say about the incident.


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