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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"I hate Bush, send money" -- John Kerry

Yesterday, John Kerry formally joined the list of democrats who have decided that the benefit of using the Hurricane Katrina tragedy to bash the Bush administration outweight the disadvantages. In the case of Kerry, he is evidently asking that readers of his diatribe contribute money to him; I guess he assumes the Katrina victims are all married to folks with substantial inherited wealth and, unlike himself, do not need financial assistance.

So, what are the disadvantages to democrats of bashing the Bush administration? Apparently, getting the facts all wrong is not an important consideration. Certainly the liberal media have proven willing to forgive that as long as the statements made are strongly enough anti-Bush. Also, polling results suggest that the bizzare claims, made without any evidence, that the Bush administration is employing discrimatory policies. have evidently been convincing to many African-Americans.

Of course, the idea of John Kerry criticizing the administration for mismanagement is almost laughable. After the election, Newsweek magazine, not exactly friendly to Bush, published information revealing that the Kerry campaign was in total disarray. It is hard to imagine that a man like John Kerry who could not keep a small campaign aparatus running smoothly, could someone manage the response to a major natural disaster.


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