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Friday, July 15, 2005

Karl Rove

It seems like it is almost mandatory if one is going to bother having a blog to say something about the Karl Rove controversy. The democrats and liberal media have picked this as the single issue through which they are going to focus their hate of George W. Bush (at least until a Supreme Court justice is nominated).

Part of the reason for the intense focus on Rove is the fact that the democrats blame him for John Kerry's loss in last year's election and would love to get even. Of course, the real reason for Kerry's loss was his own poor performance in the campaign combined with the underlying attempt to characterize himself as a war hero from 30 years ago while entirely ignoring the fact that he spent 20 years in the U.S. Senate doing next to nothing. Perhaps ignoring the 20 year Senate record might have worked but the Swift Vets did a very effective job of showing Kerry's service record was not what he was attempting to present it to be.

But, the democrats are so anxious to score some sort of success that they are not even willing to wait for the results of the special prosecutor's review of the whole matter. This suggests that they suspect there will be not much heat generated by the prosecutor so now, while things are otherwise quiet, they can work with their friends in the media to get even with Rove.

As more information dribbles out, it seems clear that Rove did not violate any law so the democrats are trying to move the bar in their attempt to force the President to get rid of him. This is unlikely to be successful as the public is not going to be interested in this whole trivial matter.


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