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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sneddon's word good for three days

Tom Sneddon has shown himself to be unable to control his longstanding animosity towards Michael Jackson. After the Monday acquittal, he stated that he would not "second guess" the jury. As of Friday, he felt compelled to hold an inteview with a reporter in which he did just that.

"Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his two lead deputies in the case said in an interview with The Associated Press that they believed the jury set too high a bar for evidence.
Jurors rejected the prosecution's entire 10-count case Monday after a 14-week trial. Some later said that Jackson probably had molested other boys but insisted the case they heard was not proven.
Sneddon, who said immediately after the verdict that he would not second-guess the jury, discussed the nature of child molesters but said he was not talking about Jackson specifically.


On NBC's 'The Tonight Show' Friday, Mesereau said Sneddon had a 'personal vendetta' against Jackson and 'mischaracterized the case from day one.' He said Sneddon had been searching for accusers since a previous case fell apart after the boy's family accepted a multimillion dollar settlement from Jackson.

'It was like an open casting call on Michael Jackson. The best they could come up with was this family, which we thoroughly discredited from A to Z,' Mesereau said."

The fact is that, despite criticism by Sneddon or his media lackeys like Nancy Grace and Diane Dimond, the jury in the Jackson case did a very good job. They were thorough and careful and, while they were not all entirely convinced that Jackson had never had inappropriate contact with young boys, they fairly concluded that there was at least the required reasonable doubt present regarding the specific allegations which they were charged to consider.

The real questions now are how much taxpayer money was wasted by Sneddon in his long pursuit of Michael Jackson and how many real crimes in Santa Barbara count have either not been prosecuted or have been pled out because the prosecutor's office was focused on this pursuit of Jackson? How many Santa Barbara county residents have been victims of criminals either left on the street or put back there due to Sneddon's person priorities?


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