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Friday, June 17, 2005

Schinder's say "jump", Bush asks "how high?"

From the Washington Post

"Bobby Schindler, Schiavo's brother, said Friday his family believes more questions were raised than answered by the autopsy report and that a new legal review is appropriate.

'Anything that can shed some light on the cause of Terri's collapse is going to be welcomed by our family,' he said from Bloomington, Minn., where the family is speaking at an anti-abortion convention.

But the request was immediately criticized by some lawmakers.

'Enough is enough,' said Democratic Sen. Ron Klein. 'I don't want to see it on TV any more, I don't want to hear politicians talk about it. Let her be at peace.'

Bush acknowledged in his letter that an investigation may be difficult.

'I understand that these events took place many years ago, and that you may not be able to collect all the relevant records and physical evidence. However, Mrs. Schiavo's family deserves to know anything that can be done to determine the cause and circumstances of her collapse 15 years ago,' Bush wrote. 'The unanswered questions may be unanswerable, but the attempt should be made.'"


Bobby Schindler, of course, is trying to capitalize on his sister's death to generate income for him as a spokemodel for the most extreme faction of the "right to life" movement. His actions bring to mind that of Mark Klauss who turned the death of his daughter Polly into a profit center.

So, although Bush more or less admits the futility of attempting to investigate something from years ago with no ability to ascertain any additional facts, he makes clear his total fealty and obligation to the Schindler family.

If the Schindler's can show an ability to control Jeb Bush like a trained lapdog, it will increase the publicity they can generate and their resultant income from taking bizzare and fringe positions. A Bobby Schindler that makes stupid statements that no one listens to will soon be out of work; if the same stupid statements cause immediate actions by the governor of an important state, he will soon be getting large sums of money.

Note to Jeb Bush; there are 17,000,000 residents in Florida and only a few members of the Schindler family. Please start to do the job you are paid to do and quite being a puppet to special interests. You are wrong if you think it will help you be elected to higher office. Notice that your brother the President has backed away from the Schindlers; most probably due to the fact that he is beginning to realize how extreme and irrational they are.


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