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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson gets justice!

While Tom Sneeden holds his head in his hands due to his failure to successfully persecute Michael Jackson, his biggest media "cheerleader" Diane Dimond still has plenty to say.

"HE WALKED out of court a free man, not guilty on all counts. But Michael Jackson is so much more than free.

He now has carte blanche to live his life any way he wants, with whomever he wants, because who would ever try to prosecute Michael Jackson now?

Twice now, once in 1993 and again in 2003, authorities tried to make a case against the former King of Pop and failed."

The fact is that it is unlikely that Sneeden would have ever brought such a weak case against someone that he did not have a personal jihad against. What Dimond characterizes as a case based on folks working "double overtime for over a year" was acutally a bag of garbage as, despite all of the taxpayer money spent, absolutly no physical evidence was ever obtained and the state was unable to produce any credible witnesses against Jackson. And Dimond has almost as much hate for Jackson as Sneeden, despite the fact that he has been her meal ticket for some period of time.

The jury got it right. Is Jackson's behavior off the curve? Absolutely. The jurors (at least some of them) seemed to also believe that it strains credibility that he has not been involved in some sort of illicit behavior with at least some of the boys that have shared his bed. But the case was about whether the state had made a credible case regarding the specific allegations that were brought and, in that arena, the state's case was so weak that it was obvious to outside observers that it deserved to fail.

This case is at least as much about prosecutorial abuse as it is about anything else. Sneeden had an evident dislike for Jackson for years and the bizzare British documentary that discussed Jackson sharing his bed with boys was apparently the last straw for him. Seeing that evidently convinced him to bring a case no matter how sloppy or how weak. It is good that he has lost his bogus case and it is too bad that so many "journalists" have been unable to control their own personal dislike for Jackson's lifestyle to fairly report what has happened here.


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