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Friday, June 17, 2005

no need to trouble the Schindlers with facts

To most people, the release of the autopsy on Terri Schiavo brings an end, albeit a sad one, to the whole issue. The positions taken by Michael Schiavo were found to be correct and the rulings made by the courts appropriate. Even Senator Bill Frist, while not apologizing for offering a contrary "diagnosis" on the Senate floor during the debate on private legislation regarding Schiavo, at least now says it was not a "diangosis" (after all, he didn't charge for it) and he accepts the scientific results.

"That severe damage is responsible for the autopsy's most startling finding: that Schiavo was blind.
The nerve cells that would process messages from Schiavo's eyes were dead, Nelson said. Her eyes could open, close and make reflexive movements, but she could not see.
It's not certain how long Schiavo was blind, but based on doctors' statements, it appears unlikely she could see anything in a 2002 videotape, often seen in news clips, in which she appeared to follow a balloon and her eyes seemed to focus on her mother."

But facts such as those quoted above are not of interest to the Schindlers. Terri's brother Michael, attempting to launch his media career as a spokemodel, states that the family still believes they were right and that Terri was not in a vegetative state and was only stopped from recovery by her husband. If scientests and doctors say she was blind, they are wrong and the Schindlers have the heavily edited videotape to prove it. After all, this is the video that connned the Bush brothers and the United States Senate!

As far as Jeb Bush is concerned, he has decided to launch another investigation into the circumstances surrounding Schiavo's original medical problem 15 years ago. I'm sure this will be another productive use of the state's resources. Although Jeb Bush presumably represents millions of Florida residents, it appears that when the Schinders want something, no matter how stupid, they get it and they get it right away! To the Schinder's, Bush is no more than a puppet whose strings are all to easy for them to pull.


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