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Friday, June 24, 2005

Jeb Bush opines on the two party system

Yesterday Governor Jeb Bush called the Florida Democratic Party "pathetic" in response to the reports that the party had failed to pay Federal withholding taxes for employees on a timely basis.

Bush went on to state that "It's important that there be a vibrant two-party system so that there is a focus on ideas because the void is filled by other things and other people. And in my opinion up here in Tallahassee, it's filled too much by special interests". Wow! This is certainly a true statement and best example of the excessive power of special interests in Tallahassee is Jeb Bush's own fealty to the Schindlers of Terri Schiavo fame, most recently demostrated by requesting yet another investigation of oft debunked claims that Michael Schiavo was somehow responsible for his wife's condition.

The lack of any strong criticism of Bush's recent actions is evidence of the lack of a viable political oposition in Florida.

There is also evidence that Bush has surrounded himself with a poor set of advisors. The recent release of the Terri Schiavo autopsy results and the irrational Schinder family response have caused many of the politicans that previously supported the Schinder position to back off. While more and more folks realize that the Schinders fit the classic definition of "nut cases", Bush doesn't seem to have figured out the obvious.


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