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Monday, August 15, 2005

fed up with Cindy Sheehan

Although Cindy Sheehan's appeal to the liberal media in the United States continues to increase at an amazing rate, apparently not eveyone connected with her is that impressed with her antics. As picked up by The Smoking Gun, Sheehan's husband has filed for divorce. Now Cindy will apparently have more than last year's taxes to worry about.

The timing of the filing seems a bit curious. Since California is a community property state, it is likely that her husband would have an entitlement to any financial gains resulting from the virtual liberal lovefest of Ms. Sheehan. Perhaps some estimate of the future value of Ms. Sheehan's Bush-hating activities can be calculated and factored into the divorce settlement. Sheehan's husband has asked for payments of spousal support which suggests he has at least some idea of the value of her Bush-hating activites which have proven so popular with liberals.


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