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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary makes it official

The most predictable event of the last several years is now a reality as Hillary Clinton has officially declared she is running for President. Despite protestations to the contrary, I don't think that she had originally planned on announcing this early. As long as no serious candidates were officially pursuing the office, Hillary had a big advantage since everyone knew she was going to announce sooner or later.

Hillary has to be unhappy with the media (and Hollywood type) lovefest for Barack Obama and I'm sure this has spurred her action. With her high negatives, there was always the slim (or perhaps slim to nothing) possibility that Hillary would pass up the race; the possibility of which enhanced the opportunity for a viable alternative. Also, while Hillary has worked hard to keep as low a profile on issues as possible, with no track record at all, Obama has her beat. John Kerry's attempt to be on all sides of all issues didn't work in 2004 but by 2006 the democrats figured out the winning strategy was to never yield to temptation and take an actual position on any issue and it worked well beyond what they could have hoped for.

But the thing that has always struck me about the Clintons (both Bill and Hillary) is their willingness to promote and enrich themselves over a period of close to 20 years while looting the residents of Arkansas, a very poor state. During the Clinton years, the road to any sort of state benefit ran through the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock where Hillary was employed. Public facilities such as schools and roads in Arkansas are very spartan yet the Clintons enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle completely out of touch with what their subjects had to endure.