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Friday, February 01, 2008

Edwards drops out

John Edwards has ended his five year campaign for president. Only Hillary Clinton has been running for longer.

Edwards based his campaign on a class-warfare approach; the haves versus the have nots. Class-warfare techniques have not been particularly successful in the United States since most people seem to understand that a free society provides the opportunity (but not the guarantee) for have-notes to become more like the haves.

Of course, Edwards was a stange poster-boy for the have-nots. His personal lifestyle was one of narcissism and excess consumption. For example, he was evidently unhappy with his 11,000 square foot or so house and had it replaced with one of 26,000 square feet. He had some huge piece of property yet still complained that he had to share the road with other residents. The best example of narcissism and vanity was his $400 haircuts -- charged to his campaign.

Edwards was also well known for changing his mind on positions he had taken in the past. Since Edwards' participation in the public sector was limited to a single term in the Senate, his flip-flopping as a percentage of positions he had previously taken was probably more than any other candidate.

Edwards will be remembered for his $400 haircut, his man-love with John Kerry during the 2004 presidential and his exploitation of his wife's cancer in an attempt to butress his campaign. Good riddance.


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