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Saturday, December 01, 2007

too pretty for house arrest?

When I last discussed Debra Lafave, she had managed to completely avoid prosecution in Marion County, Florida for molesting a male teenager thanks to State's Attorney Brad King who evidently went along with her attorney's statement that she was "too pretty for prison". King wanted to negotiate a plea agreement that would sentence Lafave to house arrest and probation to run simultaneously with the same punishment that was agreed to by a pliant Hillsborough county judge -- this would, of course, have been no punishment at all and Judge Hale Stancil courageously refused to go along with the give-away.

Now, two years later, Lafave has completed two years of the three years of "house arrest" that she was sentenced to. Now, Lafave's "house arrest" included such activities as an interview with Today show host Matt Lauer in which she blamed her predicament on her victim. After two years of "good time", Lafave is now ready to ask to be released from the rest of her sentence. Apparently the victim's mother and the Hillsborough prosecutor plan to object.

Remember, men typically convicted of the same crimes Lafave was are often given the maximum sentence for identical offenses -- 30 years in prison, even if they show remorse over their conduct. Lafave, of course, is on record on national television as blaming the victim.

We'll see what happens.


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