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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

reinvented Al Gore

When Al Gore was Vice President, he initiated a "reinventing government" program. Typical for big idea programs pushed by people with little if any knowledge or experience, it was a dismal failure. I know that there were people assigned to write up all of the successes of Gore's program but I think that the actual facts shine though.

What is interesting about Gore is that he has successfully reinvented the only thing he was really capable of which is himself. While Gore was very wooden as a politician, he is a world-class star as a propagandist. Of course, putting on an anti-American global warming show to sympathetic liberals is a lot easier than engaging in actual debate on public policy issues with others who not only have different ideas but are intelligent in their own right.

Gore comes across as a real true believer in his global warming show. Of course, one should also note that he has set himself up to make significant financial gains from sales of carbon offsets. And Gore's lifestyle uses a lot more energy than the average American whose standard of living he is willing to sacrifice.

What is most interesting about Gore is his unwillingness to debate anymore. Remember, this is a guy who believed he could run the country and take on all comers. Nowadays, he doesn't even want to debate about his sole topic of choice, global warming. It appears that he believes that his sale job on the Oscar voters and the Nobel Peace Prize group and given him a lifetime pass from having to debate. More than anything, I think that is why Gore is afraid to run for President. He is just too fat and happy dealing with the converted.


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