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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hillary Campaign

It is interesting to watch how the Hillary Clinton campaign apparatus responds to errors and mistakes.

When she was caught trying to give two different and incompatible answers to a single question in a debate a couple of weeks ago, her staff tried to blame it on the moderator asking questions. She personally accused the men of piling on and then her husband chimed in. It was a well-orchestrated if ineffective response.

Now we find out that Hillary's campaign has tried to have specific questions planted in the audience for those occasions in which she is asked questions. After an initial denial, an admission was made that this might have happened one time. Now we understand it was attempted on at least one other occasion. The latest response -- a claim that George Bush is worse! Huh? I don't think Bush is even running -- and certainly not in the democratic primary.

Is Hillary really in charge of her campaign apparatus? If so, it reinforces the conclusion that she is below the norm for ethics in politicians (and the norm is pretty low). If not, it suggests that she would fall far short of the ability to run the country. This is reminiscent of John Kerry's campaign which was so disorganized and mismanaged that he couldn't even keep his wife's public statements under control.


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