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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Clinton every day for the next 4 or 8 years?

Who can consciously consider the idea of having another four or eight years of Clinton every day. The one thing you can say for sure about Hillary is that she has no greater sense of integrity and honesty than her husband. Today we find out, for example, that Hillary had to loan her campaign $5 million last month. Up until this past Tuesday, Hillary promoted herself as the "inevitable" candidate. But Obama has been moving up in the polls and seems to have some momentum as the campaigning continues. Had it been known prior to super Tuesday that Hillary was having to did into her pin money to fund her campaign, it would surely have helped Obama. Since that information would have been damaging to Clinton, it was kept under wraps.

But now, Hillary wants us to view her as the underdog so we are told she had to loan her campaign money. We were even told that her campaign staff has had to go without being paid -- well, maybe that part wasn't actually true but, with a Clinton as the source, actual facts mean nothing.

Any outcome would be better than Hillary and Bill Clinton back in the White House.


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