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Thursday, September 22, 2005

mainstream liberal media -- prepetually "stuck on stupid"

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, Federal military commander in New Oreleans, used the phrase "stuck on stupid" to describe the media's incessant focus on claimed Federal failing related to Hurricane Katrina. The phrase seems to be abhorent to the liberal mainstream media, probably because it is so apt. In the instant case, Honore was trying to describe plans to evacuate individuals from New Orleans as Hurricane Rita approaches but the media refused to let him make the announcements that needed to be made.

The phrase "stuck on stupid", however, has general applicability to much of the activities of the mainstream media. Well over a year into the effort to introduce a democratic government into Iraq, the media are still debating whether it was appropriate to remove murdering dictator Saddam Hussein from office as insufficient evidence of weapons of mass destruction were uncovered.

During last year's presidential election, the media were "stuck on stupid" when it came to George W. Bush's national guard service, despite that fact that it was never a significant part of his qualifications for high office. On the other hand, the media were never willing to provide the same scrutiny to John Kerrys' Vietnam service, despite the fact that it formed the centerpiece of his campaign.

Are the liberal mainsteam media "stuck on stupid"? Most of the time, it appears that they are.


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