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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sandy Berger again "unaware"

We had last heard from Sandy Berger, national security advisor to Bill Clinton, when he was given a "slap on the wrist" level of punishment for stealing classified documents by hiding them in his trousers and then attempting to lie about it when he was caught. Before admitting his guilt (and getting almost no punishment), Berger had claimed that he was unaware that he had stuffed documents into his pants.

Now we hear that Berger was again "unaware", this time that he was speeding 33 mph over the speed limit on I-66 near Washington, DC.

When making the required report to his probation officer, Berger claimed "that he had been speeding because he was late to a meeting and was unaware of how fast he was traveling."

For those not familiar with it, that part of I-66 is in a very urbanized area and it is a busy road filled with traffic. Perhaps a lot of people are doing "10 over" or 65 and might be "unaware" that they are speeding but it is no more credible to be "unaware" of travelling over 30 mph over the limit there than it is to be unaware one is walking out of the national archives building with a bunch of documents in your pants.


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